How to use Senuto in an SEO agency?


Mateusz Rzetecki is Head of SEO at Bluerank – one of the top online marketing agencies in Poland – where he manages a team of SEO specialists. Everybody works on the projects, but the final quality assurance rests in the hands of the Team Leader.
Mateusz does much more than support his colleagues. His responsibilities include running projects for key customers of the agency, developing SEO products offered by Bluerank, and creating competence in content & outreach within the company.



Company type: online marketing agency
Headquarters: Łódź, Poland
Active since: 2005
Foreign markets: 23
Number of employees: >100
Areas of expertise: SEO/SEM campaigns, Google Marketing Platform, social media, social ads, web analytics
Completed projects: >500
Clients: Tchibo, Unilever, Yves Rocher, Rainbow, Mitsubishi, Ernst&Young, Orange, PizzaPortal,,, Cersanit, Wittchen, Skanska, and others.

Company type: online marketing agency

Headquarters: Łódź, Poland

Active since: 2005

Foreign markets: 23

Number of employees: >100

Areas of expertise: SEO/SEM campaigns, Google Marketing Platform, social media, social ads, web analytics

Completed projects: >500

Clients: Tchibo, Unilever, Yves Rocher, Rainbow, Mitsubishi, Ernst&Young, Orange, PizzaPortal,,, Cersanit, Wittchen, Skanska, and others.


Bluerank is one of the top online marketing agencies in Poland and a business partner of the biggest companies on both the national and international market. The agency is valued as a professional and innovative advisor in building an online marketing strategy.

When Bluerank specialists coordinate SEO for the biggest brands on the market, they take control over a piece of their business. That is why in SEO campaigns, daily monitoring of effects and an analysis of large datasets collected by an independent source is a must.


As part of our Case Study, we’ve asked Mateusz Rzetecki how he uses Senuto in his daily work as an SEO specialist at Bluerank.

Business Goal

Optimization and automation of work of SEO specialists at Bluerank.


verification of the campaign’s results

competition analysis

planning a detailed content publication timeline

creation of elaborated SEO reports for clients


Visibility Analysis

Keyword Explorer

Rank Tracker

Senuto API

Case Description


Every Monday starts the same: morning coffee, mail check, and logging into Senuto. I need to see how all the projects are doing – both mine and those of the entire team – and take a peek at my competition. The weekly report from Visibility Analysis comes in handy.

Weekly report in the Visibility Analysis Module from Senuto

Any other working day

Just like Monday, any other day of work starts with coffee, mail check, and logging into Senuto : ). The only difference: instead of examining the weekly report in Visibility Analysis, I focus on the dailies.

Daily report in the Visibility Analysis Module from Senuto

Senuto Platform

Senuto Platform is well-tested operations center, now available in the upgraded 2.0 version. It consists of three modules:

  • Visibility Analysis – to check current performance of a chosen website in Google and list all words for which the domain is visible.

    Visibility Analysis in Senuto
  • Keyword Explorer – your treasure trove of keywords for SEO and content marketing campaigns. You can search the Senuto database for keywords in any language and country, generate lists of semantically related keywords, and see results matching a chosen URL.

    Keyword Explorer in Senuto
  • Rank Tracker – a tool for a daily review of the current ranks of your website for chosen keywords.

    Rank Tracker in Senuto
  • Additionally, Senuto Platform offers tools which facilitate competition analysis, search result analysis, and content planning.

Data in action

Daily insights into website visibility in Google Search

The projects we run are extremely demanding. For this reason, I can’t do without daily insights into the visibility of our websites and their competition (daily visibility charts in Senuto).

Senuto Platform takes a highly analytical approach to SEO, which makes it a helpful tool for inspecting all the visibility shifts of our Clients’ websites. Senuto offers a quick way to delve into our keyword categories (eCommerce keywords, branded/non-branded, cities, and many others). Certainly, the option to perform an in-depth analysis of our competition is also an asset.

Content planning
The tools help me devise publication schedules for our Clients and find new article ideas. I draw inspiration not only from designated tools, e.g. for planning questions that include chosen keywords, but also the general analysis of competitive websites.

I use the tool also when drafting commercial offers for prospective Clients and analyzing our competition.

The Platform is one of the tools which I can’t imagine working without on a daily basis.

Rank Tracker

Data in action
I consult the Rank Tracker less frequently (3–4 times a month) because daily updates on global visibility are presented in the Visibility Analysis. But when I detect changes in the Visibility Analysis or GA / GSC, I go to the Rank Tracker for information on particular keywords.

At Bluerank, we find this tool especially helpful for creating dedicated position reports, with separate results for desktop and mobile users. Reports basing on thousands of keywords are not a challenge anymore.

Senuto API

Senuto API is designed to feed data straight into your tools. Integrate it with your solutions to provide your clients with detailed reports and sought-after metrics.

Data from Senuto will be automatically transferred to your application, integration, or widget to upgrade your custom-made dashboards and other smart business solutions.

  • instant access to selected data
  • data integration with Senuto in custom-made dashboards
  • exhaustive reports for your clients

Data in action

A morning review of statistics for ongoing SEO campaigns is a must-do task in the daily plan of any SEO specialist. Mateusz Rzetecki keeps an eye on both his own projects and those run by the entire team.

All information at a glance

To speed up the process, we build our own dashboards based on Senuto API. For instance, we have dashboards containing visibility statistics of all ongoing projects at Bluerank. With this solution, all the latest data on every project are visible at a glance.

Historical data

Keyword archives

Another dashboard which largely fast-tracks the work of a specialist compares positions of keywords for which our websites are visible on different dates. Historical data allows us to better monitor changes in the visibility of specific URLs/sections. This gives us an even better insight into the effects of our actions.

Application in a dedicated report system

For now, we are using API for one-time analyses and keyword rank tracking in our dedicated reporting system.

How does Senuto improve your cooperation with the Client? What are the tangible benefits?

I think that every analysis of visibility drops which resulted in new recommendations for the Client was a tangible benefit.

Besides, Senuto hits the spot when it comes to monitoring the effects of our work. It lets me go beyond tracking the spikes in Google Analytics or Google Search Console and show the Client all the data in an independent tool. Senuto presents increased ranks, a comparison against the competition, and the improvement of position in the market throughout our cooperation.

It’s much easier to convince Clients to the validity of website updates and optimizations – especially the costly ones – when I show them the rise in visibility recorded by Senuto.

Besides, I believe that all the time saved with external tools is a tangible benefit of our work with the Client. Senuto gives us a lot of that time.


Table of contents


smooth and easy SEO results verification process

everyday insights into a client’s Google visibility data

plenty of ideas for articles thanks to a built-in tool that generates questions searched on Google, as well as the one that enables an in-depth competition analysis

big help at preparing offers and strategy for the agency’s clients


As SEO specialists split their time between various clients and projects, they need a tool that will allow them to keep their finger on the pulse. Planning, monitoring, and optimizing SEO campaigns with Senuto is a guarantee of tangible benefits of the cooperation with the clients.

Besides, an independent reporting tool will show your clients how their position in the market evolved since the launch of cooperation. Data from Senuto are also your ace in the hole when negotiating additional optimizations, which often require additional expenditures on the part of the client.

Search for keywords tailored to your campaign, compare the situation of your clients and their competition, identify areas for optimization.

Bluerank has been using Senuto for years. What about your agency?

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